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How To Overcome From COVID-19 Weakness At Home

admin | December 31, 2021
How To Overcome From COVID-19 Weakness At Home<

The coronavirus pandemic has struck disaster in our lives yet again. The global average number of new infections reported each day is increasing by the day. However, doctors claim that more than 80% of COVID-19 patients are recuperating at home with simply teleconsultations.

Nevertheless, once the patients have recovered from COVID-19, they are confronted with a new problem: weakness.

Patients with minor COVID-19 symptoms recover in about two weeks, whereas those with severe infection recover in about four weeks. However, even after rebounding from the COVID-19 virus, the majority of persons have a physical weakness. In such a case, people should focus on the basics, such as eating well and staying hydrated, to restore sooner.

Do these things as part of your post-COVID-19 recovery diet to help you overcome the weakness caused by the coronavirus.

Start your day with a platter of fresh fruits such as pomegranate, orange, papaya, and you can drink their juice as well. Other fruits of your choice can also be used.

You should consume a couple of vegetables during lunch and dinner. Spinach, carrots, tomatoes, and beetroot juice are some of the vegetables that are high in vitamins and minerals. For vitamin D, you’ll also need to obtain 15-20 minutes of sunlight each day.

Protein is also a great source of energy, and getting enough of it can help you overcome post-disease fatigue and boost the immune system, too. Include a portion of protein-rich food in each meal, such as pulses, beans, peanuts, milk, yogurt, cheese, soy, eggs, fish, and chicken. Stick with fresh, home-cooked meals prepared in sanitary surroundings.

Due to the infection and fever, our bodies would have lost a lot of fluids, so make sure you drink lots to speed up your recovery. Drink eight to ten glasses of water each day and include soups, herbal teas, and non-caffeinated beverages in your diet.

Even if the corona report is negative, monitor your oxygen levels after you’ve recovered, keep a safe distance from family members for a few days, use masks and sanitizers, and get enough rest for at least ten days. During this, time, don’t exert too much strain on your body. Take a little walk and get some exercise.

Also, look after your mental health by meditating and doing things you enjoy, keeping yourself pleasant.

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