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GC MI Paste Plus


MI Paste Plus is a topical tooth crèmes that helps mineralise teeth. This crème has an improved remineralistion and fluoridation boost for patients who need extra protection due to medium or high susceptibility to caries are medically compromised,
have an acidic oral environment, suffer from erosion and gastric reflux or need support due to very poor plaque control

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Inhibits enamel demineralisation and induces remineralisation
Reduces hypersensitivity by obturating open dentinal tubules
Prevents initial caries forming thanks to the anti-cariogenic properties
Reverses white spot lesions
The delicious flavours stimulate saliva flow for an enhanced effectiveness
The 900ppm of a unique, patented form of fluoride buffers the pH changes in plaque
Impairs the adhesion and growth of S. Mutans and Sobri
Remineralises early enamel lesions and makes enamel more resistant
Optimises the transport and intake of fluoride by enamel

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